Month: January 2024

Education and Values: Two Sides of The Same Coin!

In today’s world, we are constantly surrounded by a vast amount of information and knowledge, and education is vital to make sense of it all. However, education is like a toolbox; it provides us with the tools we need to build our future. But just having a toolbox won’t make us successful

Learning to Learn: Self-Directed!

Part 4 of Learning Have you ever felt like traditional learning is like being on a train, hurtling towards a predetermined destination at breakneck speed, without any chance to stop and explore the fascinating scenery? Self-directed learning is a remedy to this educational rush; it’s like stepping off that train and onto

Confidence vs Competence: A Balancing Act!

In sailing the stormy seas of personal development, we often find ourselves facing the currents of confidence and competence, each wave shaping the direction of our passage to our destination. As we explore the choppy waters of self-perception, it is imperative to be aware of the delicate ebb and flow of confidence,

Basic Human Needs for A Well-lived Life

As human beings, we all desire to lead a satisfying and meaningful life. Over the years, numerous theories, movements, and philosophies have been developed in an attempt to uncover the secret to achieving this goal. Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is one such theory that can assist us in our search for personal growth

True Potential is Beyond The Surface

In the journey of personal growth, how we see others is a crucial factor. As the insightful quote goes, “Treat people as they are, and they will remain as they are. Treat people as they can or should be, and they become as they can and should be.” This quote has a