The Biz4life Socio-preneurial Skills Development Programme

The second phase of the Rudder4life learner skills development programme is the socio-preneurial skills development programme called Biz4life. Biz4life aims to build learners’ entrepreneurial skills before deciding on the subject choice for Matric, thereby ensuring that those not academically inclined can pursue subjects of a technical nature.

One of the primary objectives of the Biz4life programme is to empower all learners with the necessary entrepreneurial and financial skills to start their businesses. We have creative people with talent but are bereft of the requisite entrepreneurial skills to create and build successful companies employing the jobless. The goal is to impart these skills practically by empowering learners to implement Waste recycling and Market Day projects at their schools.

The Biz4Life programme covers the following topics:

  • My window into the world of self-employment
  • Developing my entrepreneurial skills
  • Getting started
  • Mobilising resources
  • My first into the business world
  • Information and communication technology