The Purpose4Life Programme

Our theory-based leadership development programme, Purpose4Life, premised on our Rudder4Life Personal Development Framework, aims to instil the requisite fidelity and collectivism in youth today to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow have appropriate moral and inclusivity DNA to create sustainable and equitable communities in the future.

Our Purpose4Life programme instils values such as self-reflection, fidelity, inclusivity, collaboration and collective thinking to grow a strong pool of leaders who can help shape communities to become more equitable and sustainable.

To make this shared vision, using the education system as a base, we will require a reset of our mindset to instil the benefits of collectivism, collaboration and cooperation collectively – broadly embracing emotional intelligent human beings.

To effect this reset, we need to apply a system thinking approach where the function of the whole system is more significant than the function of its parts. This approach will require our interventions to have touchpoints with all role-players in society; the individual, the educator, the parent, corporate leaders, religious groups and community leaders.

The programme nurtures a responsive and inclusive culture that values diverse perspectives and cultivates the engagement of all.

Rudder4Life Personal Development Framework:

Our Purpose4Life programme aims to restore intrinsically motivated and inclusive behaviour in youth by adopting universal values that enhance their decision-making and relationship building skills. In addition, the social and entrepreneurial skills imparted by Rudder4Life will capacitate and inspire youth to start community projects. Moreover, these initial projects will act as catalysts to identify other potential sustainable community projects, demonstrating the power of working together to achieve a common goal.

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