The Problem

According to the World Bank, in South Africa, the legacy of colonialism and apartheid rooted in racial and spatial segregation continues to reinforce inequality of outcomes and a highly divided society; exacerbated by gangsterism, drug abuse and escalating addiction and gender-based violence.

On a broader societal scale, corruption has been a constant feature of South Africa’s political landscape in the last 60 decades, further affecting moral fibre. This has profoundly impacted society’s ability to work collectively and cooperatively to create sustainable and equitable communities and areas. These events have left the country with scars that stifle collectivism, collaboration, cooperation, and relationships to create sustainable and equitable communities. History has shown that treating the symptoms by applying the law or introducing new laws or regulations to curb these social ills do not yield sustainable outcomes.

People development requires two agencies:


The primary purpose of schools is to develop the youth's abilities and prepare them for work.


Rudder4Life focuses on strengthening self-identity and restoring intrinsic motivation preparing youth for life.

Our Mission

At Rudder4Life, we believe in helping youth understand their identity, passion and purpose in life so they can become confident, purposeful, entrepreneurial young adults, as well as active citizens of a democracy.

This initiative is an endeavour to address South Africa’s current societal crisis, which includes social inequities, high unemployment rates, particularly among the young, and growing unrest.