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Our Elevator Pitch

Did you know that teenage is life’s most impressionable and vulnerable stage? Teens have strong desires for autonomy, adopting their beliefs, values and views separate from their parents. This self-discovery is essential for developing a good self-image and identity to avoid becoming socially introverted with low self-esteem.

Our research confirms that most teens do not have the skills to cope with these social and emotional changes. More importantly, our research implies that this skills deficit is the underlying root cause for the pattern of rebellious delinquent behaviours such as bullying, smoking, alcohol/drug abuse, gangsterism and unprotected sex, causing school dropouts. Using detention and suspension to control these behaviours only treats the symptoms. Proper guidance by parents, schools or other institutions is required to educate teens about the dangers of this life stage.

Rudder4Life confronts this root cause systemically, applying the principle that we must redefine who we are before reforming what we do. Our Purpose4Life leadership development programme encourages:


an examination of our self-identity (self-determination) and intrinsic motivation to redefine who we are.


adopting quality values to reform our behaviour- what we think, feel and do and becoming emotionally intelligent.

The Purpose4Life programme is the first of many of our interventions to build a new generation and breed of inclusive-thinking, value-based, purpose-driven, self-esteemed and kind leaders; entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs – all working towards a shared vision of building a society with a “we” mindset rather than an “I” mindset. The delivery of our interventions throughout the learners’ high school career aims to remove the shackles of disempowering mindsets and reduce the learner dropout rate, drug and alcohol abuse, and gangsterism. Giving meaning to the youth and their families creates autonomous communities “one school at a time”.