About Rudder4Life

Our founder is lan Bartes, who spent most of his career in various positions at four different organisations in South Africa. The inspiration for Rudder4life is the product of his passion for all things that grow.

The common thread throughout his working career has been the development and the inspiration of people to become the best version of themselves. Realising that what he loves doing and is good at (his passion) is people development, inspired exploration of what South African society desperately needs. So he enlisted three of his university friends, namely Timothy Scholtz, Trevor Meizenheimer and Carl Rosslind, all originally hailing and schooling in Kensington. Together, they formed an NGO, Rudder4Life, registered in January 2022.


Ian Bartes

Ian lives by the motto, "Find a purpose to serve, not a lifestyle to live" (Criss Jami). He has 36 years in leadership and managerial positions at Cape Town Tourism, and the NGO Teach the Future SA and Wesgro. As a leader, he is a life coach and manages and engages diverse stakeholder groups to deliver sustainable and win-win situations. As a life coach, he has inspired many individuals to become self-determined and the best versions of themselves. He has a post-graduate diploma in Future Studies, an Executive MBA from UCT Graduate School of Business, and is an experienced trainer and developer.

Timothy Scholtz

Timothy is a compelling communicator with more than 30 years of workforce experience and ten years in a senior leadership position. He has proven strategic and financial-planning experience in handling large accounts and has managed cross-functional teams focusing on finance, legal, strategic research, human resources, ICT and internal auditing. In addition, he has proven experience in executing strategic plans into actionable implementation and monitoring processes.

Trevor Meizenheimer

Trevor has 38 years of experience in local government administration and is a passionate church leader (Baptist). While in local government, he built strong relationships with political office-bearers, advising them on the legality of intended actions. He also represented his department on property and local government-related matters to ensure statutory compliance at meetings. Trevor has strong problem-solving skills, is a certified estate agent, and has also been responsible for executing the church's benevolent programme.

Carl Rosslind

Carl is a passionate leader with a great deal of experience working with youth and is a Springbok Boy Scout and has over 30 years of experience in financial and security management. He is also an auditor and accountant and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Our Mission

At Rudder4Life, we believe in treating the cause and propose to assist in eradicating most societal ills by socialising a new generation of young people and preparing them to work synergistically to achieve their purpose.