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Kensington High School (KHS)

Our programme, Purpose4Life, instil values such as self-reflection, fidelity, inclusivity, collaboration and collective thinking to grow a strong pool of leaders who can help shape the communities they live in to become more equitable and sustainable.

On 4 August 2022, Rudder4Life launched the pilot for our Purpose4Life Youth Leadership Programme at Kensington High School (KHS). We chose KHS strategically, as this is where founder Ian Bartes and directors Tim and Trevor were born, raised and schooled. As a result, they are intimate with the challenges people in this primarily low- to middle-class community face at Kensington High School (KHS). Our first workshop was a cohort of 30 Grade 11 and 12 pupils to prove our concept of Social and Emotional Learning.

“The feedback of our learners was very positive. They enjoyed the 1st session and already feel that they learnt a lot … I think we are ready for next week Wednesday, and the learners are excited.”

– Ms G Parker, HOD Life Orientation, KHS

Our goal is to expand the programme to two more schools in the Kensington area in the next year. In addition, the programme will be rolled out to schools across the Western Cape and beyond in the next three years once the proof of concept is confirmed.